The President of Pakistan sacked his secretary.

Pakistan's president sacks his secretary, action taken after controversy over signing bills - India TV Hindi

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The President of Pakistan sacked his secretary, following a dispute over signing bills.

Thus, the caretaker government is taking power in Pakistan, but the upheaval in the high politics of Pakistan has not stopped yet. Pakistan President Arif Alvi fired his secretary on Monday. A day earlier, he had said that he had not signed two important bills and directed his staff to return the two bills on time without signing them so that they would become ineffective.

On Sunday, President Alvi had denied that he had signed the Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill 2023 and the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bill 2023 after local media reported that the bills had been signed by the President and the Bill 2023. After became law. is signed. The President’s Secretariat said in a statement that Alvi had asked to replace Secretary Waqar Ahmed whose services were “no longer required”.

He said this by writing a letter to the Principal Secretary.

“In view of his earlier statement, the President’s Secretariat writes to the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister that the services of the President’s Secretary Waqar Ahmed are no longer required and he should be transferred to the Establishment Division immediately”. The statement said. According to the statement, the President also said that BPS-22 officer of Pakistan Administrative Service Humira Ahmed can be appointed as the President’s Secretary. After Waqar’s dismissal, President Alvi posted on social media platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), “I have not signed the Official Secrets Amendment Bill-2023 and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill-2023 because I have not Didn’t agree.”

‘My staff just undermined my order’

Alvi said, ‘I asked my staff to return the bill without signing it within the stipulated time to make it ineffective. I confirmed with him several times and he assured me that he had returned the bills. However, I learned today that my staff violated my own order. Alvi belongs to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party of jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The President’s unexpected claims created an uproar and many demanded action. In a video message, PTI leader Babar Awan appealed to Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial to take action on his own.

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