Pakistan is not stopping its actions, heroin was dropped by drone in Punjab.

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Pakistani drone drops heroin in Punjab

Every day, Pakistan does something that can harm India. Pakistan has dropped a packet of heroin through a drone in Punjab. The video of which is being shared indiscriminately on social media. Punjab Police has also released this video, in which a Pakistani drone drops a packet of heroin on the ground. On this incident, the police said that drug smuggling across the border has become a new challenge for the police. Let us tell you that this is the first time that the video of Pakistani smugglers dropping drug packets on the country’s soil has come to light.

The drone is dropping packets of heroin.

It is not known how many packets of drugs are dropped in Indian territory every day, but usually Pakistani smugglers drop packets of heroin in Indian territory at night and early in the morning. BSF has shot down several drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) near the Indo-Pak border in Punjab. In the released video, a packet of heroin can be seen dropping from the drone and a camera is attached to it.

2 kg heroin recovered from drone

Tarn Taran Senior Superintendent of Police Gurmeet Chauhan said that the police recovered a drone with 2 kg of heroin from a person named Jograj Singh. He said that the police have received a video in which heroin packets can be seen falling during the day. Police said Pakistani smugglers are now sending small quantities (about half a kilo) of heroin to the country. He said that this method is a new challenge in front of the security forces. According to the police, it is a small drone that can fly very high and its sound is harder to hear during the day than at night. The police officer said that the drone recovered from the garage may have crashed.

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