According to Health Tips study, a person with inflammatory disease starts using social media a lot. If you also use social media a lot, be careful, the risk of this disease may increase.

Side Effects of Social Media: If you are one of those people who use social media a lot, then you need to be careful now because it indicates that you are dealing with an inflammatory problem and when this inflammation increases, it is very C can also cause serious diseases. We’re not saying this for nothing, but a new study has revealed that people who suffer from inflammation spend more time on social media in hopes of interacting with friends and family.

This is the downside of social media addiction.

Whenever a person is sick, he spends his time at home, but this is when people use social media the most. Now research has shown that people who spend a lot of time on social media can suffer from inflammation.

What the new research says.

Man is a social animal and whenever he is sick or injured he looks for people with whom he can share his pain, so social media is in great demand for a person suffering from inflammation or any disease. Research by a communications professor at the University of Buffalo in New York found that when the body feels helpless to heal inflammation and other ailments, people spend more time looking at their phones than at friends and family.

Why does inflammation occur in the body?

The problem of inflammation or swelling in the body is normal, but when this inflammation increases too much or persists for a long time, it leads to many diseases. Due to this there is a risk of autoimmune disease, not only that, blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases like asthma can also be caused by inflammation.

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