Neetu Kapoor was nervous on her first meeting with Rishi Kapoor, said – ‘She is quite scared…’

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor first meeting: Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor are among the most loved couples of Bollywood. During the shooting of the film, the two fell in love. Then in 1980, the couple got married. The love songs of this couple are still remembered today. Although Neetu and Rishi’s first meeting was nothing special. Once Neetu himself revealed this. He had told that Rishi had threatened him in the first meeting. After which Neetu got scared.

When Neetu Kapoor was scared of Rishi Kapoor in the first meeting.
Neetu Kapoor had once revealed in an interview to Anu Kapoor that her first meeting with Rishi Kapoor was a very scary experience. He said, ‘My first meeting with Rishi Kapoor was very bad. He used to be a bully, so he used to comment on my makeup and clothes and I got very angry. He used to threaten everyone and I was very young at that time. I used to get angry with him. After Bobby’s super hit, Dimple Kapadia got married and Rishi was left with no heroine as everyone seemed older than him. I was the only young actress and by default all his films after Rakshawala started coming to me.

Neetu and Rishi dated for 3 years before getting married.
In the same interview, Neetu further revealed that they dated each other for 3 years before getting married. He said, ‘I don’t remember the exact time but I had signed many films. I started gaining confidence. My mom used to send my cousin Lolly on dinner dates with Rishi. I was very young and had never been on a date before. All this went on for three years. After which I signed Naseeb, Shaan and 4-5 other big budget films and then married Rishi.

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