Police land turned out to be mafia! A bulldozer ran over a police station built on court land in Hardoi. video

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Bulldozer was driven on Shahabad police station.

While the criminals are terrified when they hear the name of Yogi’s bulldozer, now Yogi’s bulldozer is also seen running at the police station. In fact, the police land mafia of Shahabad police station in Hardoi of UP has turned out where Yogi’s bulldozer has been driven on the illegally occupied police station building. Half of the building of Kotwali, constructed by illegally occupying the land of Munsif Court in Kotwali Shahabad, has been demolished by bulldozer on the order of the court. The reason is that after the demand for a fair court intensified, the administration illegally occupied half of the police station and built it by doing bulldozer action on the order of the court.

How much of the police station came out on illegal land?

This is the case of Shahabad Kotwali of Hardoi, UP, where in the presence of SDM, Tehsildar, Executive Officer and Inspector-in-charge, the women help desk and Kotwali gate constructed illegally in the Kotwali premises were demolished with bulldozers. In fact, the process of running the Munsif Court on the order of the court has started with vigor. The Munsif Court land was measured by the Revenue Department team. Most of the police station was built illegally on the Munsif Court land, which included the Inspector-in-charge’s residence, half of the Inspector-in-charge’s office and the main gate along with the help desk. In the land of the Munsif Court

The bulldozer ran on these parts including the main gate of the police station.

After the measurement, the court directed to remove the encroachments. But the construction was not removed from the Munsif Court land. Finally today the bulldozer moved to the illegally occupied land. On the order of the court, SDM Poonam Bhaskar, Tehsildar Narendra Yadav, Executive Officer RR Ambesh reached Kotwali with bulldozers. Here he first bulldozed the main gate of Shahabad Kotwali in court compliance. After which the help desk building near the main gate was also demolished. Apart from this, half of the residence of the Inspector-in-Charge, the residence of the Head Inspector and half of the office of the Inspector-in-Charge have also been built on the land of the Munsif Court which has been demolished. On seeing the bulldozer in motion, a large number of people gathered in the Kotwali compound.

Land allotted for Munsif Court.

Let us tell you that the exercise of starting a fair court is going on fast. A Munsif Court will soon be established here, which will provide ample relief to the officers and lawyers. Giving information about the entire matter, ADM Priyanka Singh said that the court was given land by Gram Sabha in Tehsil Shahabad. When it was constructed and measured, it was found that part of the police station had come up on court land, which had been vacated after court orders.

(Reporting by Ram Srivastava)

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