How did Dharavi become Asia’s largest slum? Several attempts have been made, now the Adani Group will do the redevelopment.

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani has undertaken to transform Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai, into a smart city. Rehabilitating 1 million people here will be a difficult task. Even before this, many efforts have been made to develop this slum area of ​​Mumbai. Tell us how many attempts have been made to develop the 94-acre (240 ha) slum area and what has changed so far.

The rise of Dharavi dates back to the late 1800s, when potters, leather artisans, laborers and laborers started small trades in the area. Officials say that slum dwellers encroached on these lands and built huts and gradually this area continued to increase.

During 1971-76, the Maharashtra state government passed a law to improve conditions in Mumbai’s slums. Accommodation, electricity and toilets were arranged under this.

During 2004-05, the Government of Maharashtra approved the redevelopment of Dharavi and assigned the project to the Slum Rehabilitation Authority.

A survey conducted by the Maharashtra government in 2007-08 found 47,000 legal residents and 13,000 commercial structures. However, it did not include the people living on the upper floors.

As of 2016, Maharashtra tries to lure developers to Dharavi, but this plan also does not work.

A 20 per cent public and 80 per cent private tender was floated to develop it during 2018, involving Dubai’s Seclink Consortium and India’s Adani Group.

SecLink’s $871 million bid is the highest in 2019. Adani came second with a bid of $548 million. Under 2020, Seclink accused the Maharashtra government of wrongly issuing tenders and filed a petition in the High Court. The state refused.

A tender has been issued again in 2022 and this time Seclink is not involved. DLF and Adani Group bid. Adani bid $614 million this time.

In the year 2023, the Adani Group was commissioned by the state government to redevelop it. Siklink accused the government of acting improperly in this regard.

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