Arguing over goat dirt, the neighbor bit the young man’s private parts with his teeth

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The neighbor was very angry because of the goat litter in front of his house.

Shahjahanpur: A surprising news has come from Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, an argument broke out over the permission of a goat in front of a neighbor’s house in the district, which later turned into a fight. It is being told that during the fight, the other party cut the private part of a person. The injured man was rushed to the Government Medical College in a bleeding state, where he was treated. Police say that the matter is being investigated on the complaint of the victim.

‘Falled in drain and bit on private part’

Giving information about the incident, station in-charge Amit Pandey said that the 30-year-old youth, a resident of Adiapur village of Roza police station area, reared goats in his house. He said that in front of the young man’s house, goats go near the house and throw garbage. There was an argument between the young man and the neighbor over this matter. The quarrel escalated to such an extent that a fight broke out and one side prevailed. Meanwhile, a person from the other side threw the young man into the drain and bit his private part with his teeth.

4 stitches were applied in the victim’s private part.

The station in-charge said that after receiving the complaint, the injured was sent to the Government Medical College for treatment. It is being told that 4 stitches were applied in the victim’s private part. The victim says that the police took action against the accused after a complaint was filed in the police station, but on the contrary, they took action by keeping his family members in the police station. At the same time, the police have said that on the basis of the victim’s writing, a report is being registered against the accused and investigation is being conducted. Various discussions are going on in the area regarding this incident.

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