TV’s favorite crime show is going to make a comeback in a new way.

Sushant Singh, Savdhan India - India TV Hindi.

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Sushant Singh.

You may remember the crime show ‘Sawdhan India’. The show not only told people about the crimes happening across the country but also showed in detail how the police solved these cases. Now this show is going to make a comeback on TV once again. Actor Sushant Singh is all set to return as the host of the new season of ‘Savdhan India’. The actors and makers of the show say that the aim of the show is to reduce criminal activities and make people aware.

A new season is about to begin.

The new season of ‘Savdhan India’ will come to Star India. This season has been given a new theme, ‘Criminal Decoded’. The show, known for its true-life crime stories, is all set to make a comeback with a bang.

Efforts will be made to increase awareness.

Elaborating on the show, Sushant Singh said, ‘The crime stories we see in the media may shock you. What were once isolated incidents have unfortunately become frequent occurrences in our society. It is important to stop these trends and raise awareness. I am excited to be a part of the upcoming season of ‘Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded’.

Sushant explained the purpose of the show

Sushant Singh added, ‘I keep getting messages from people who learn from our show. This season we aim to delve deeper into criminal activity, explore new perspectives, and understand the psychology of criminals. Through this show I will once again try to save people from the criminal world.

It will be aired from September 26.

The show made its debut on Star Bharat in 2012, now the show has run for seven seasons and 3,162 episodes. ‘Savdhan India: Criminal Decode’ will air on Star Bharat from September 26. Let me tell you, Sushant Singh was once removed as the host of this show. He tweeted about the Citizenship Amendment Act and Jamia violence, after which he was opposed. He was removed from the role of host amid controversy, after which he responded by saying, “I don’t know if he was removed because of those statements or to cut the show’s budget.”

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