Maruti Suzuki hits new high, sets record in stock market, price crosses 10,000 mark for first time

A new record has been registered in the name of Maruti Suzuki, the largest passenger car company in the country. Shares of Maruti Suzuki hit a new record high in Thursday’s trading, with the price crossing the Rs 10,000 mark for the first time.

The price of one share has become so much.

At 2 pm on Thursday, shares of Maruti Suzuki were trading around Rs 10,050, up over 2.50 percent on BSE. At one point in the day’s trade, shares of Maruti Suzuki touched a level of Rs 10,062.15, a new 52-week high for shares of Maruti Suzuki. This has happened for the first time in history, when the shares of this auto company have crossed 10 thousand rupees.

mcap reached this height.

This rally in the company’s shares also benefited its investors. The wealth of Maruti Suzuki investors has increased by over Rs 8,000 crore in a single day. The market cap of the company has now reached Rs 3.04 lakh crore. Maruti Suzuki’s market capitalization also crossed Rs 3 lakh crore for the first time today.

Prices have increased so much in 5 months.

Shares of Maruti Suzuki have shown a strong rally over the past few months. In March this year, the price of one share of the company had fallen to around Rs 8,200. If seen this way, Maruti Suzuki shares have gained nearly 30% in the market during the last 5 months. In other words, the financial year 2023-24 is proving to be very profitable for the company.

Shareholding pattern of Maruti

If we look at the shareholding pattern of Maruti Suzuki till June 2023, the promoters hold a maximum stake of 56.48%. This is followed by foreign portfolio investors with 21.87 percent stake. Mutual funds hold 11.25 percent of the company’s shares, while 5.41 percent shareholding is held by other domestic investors. Retail investors hold 4.99% stake in Maruti Suzuki.

The first quarter result is excellent

The company has earned a net profit of over Rs 2,485 crore on a standalone basis in the first quarter. A year ago, in the June 2022 quarter, Maruti Suzuki’s net profit was around Rs 1,012 crore. If seen in this way, the company’s profits have increased by an impressive 145% in one year. The company has been helped by higher sales, better margins and cost-cutting efforts.

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