Such a car collision, the motorcycle rider was seen flying in the air, the heartbreaking incident was captured on CCTV.

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The car hit the motorcyclist.

A horrifying incident took place on the Shakti Nagar Banaras highway in Sangruli district of Madhya Pradesh, the video of which has surfaced. Suddenly a car came at full speed and hit the bike going on the road. The motorcyclist was seen tossing in the air like a football after colliding with the car and then fell to the road. He was admitted to Sangruli District Hospital where he died during treatment. The accident that took place on Tuesday has been captured in the CCTV camera installed there, in which the motorcycle is seen flying.

The man was dragged along with the bike for several meters.

According to information, a motorcycle was hit by a car while taking a U-turn in Bina, after which the person riding the motorcycle jumped in the air and then dragged the motorcycle along with it for several meters. The car then collided with the Bolero vehicle coming from the front. In this accident, the motorcyclist and the couple sitting in the car were seriously injured, who were admitted to the hospital for treatment. It is being told that 58-year-old Rajendra Prasad, a resident of Khadia, died during treatment.

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“The biker did not pay attention to the car while taking a U-turn. The car was coming at high speed and Rajinder was not even wearing a helmet,” said a police officer.

(Report – Devendra Pandey)

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