Alarm bell for America! Covid is on the rise again, with cases increasing by 19% in a week.

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Washington: The threat of corona is once again looming in America. Corona virus cases increase here in late summer. The number of people admitted to Covid hospitals has increased by 19% in a week. At the same time, deaths from Covid have increased by more than 21%. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10,000 people a week have been hospitalized due to Covid, NPR reports. In the wake of rising Covid cases, some schools, hospitals and businesses have asked people to wear masks again.

Risk for those who have not received the vaccine.

CDC director Mandy Cohen warned that people who have not been vaccinated are at risk of Covid. The risk is especially high for people who have not been vaccinated. Also, people who have not been infected before and those who are older or have underlying health problems may also be at risk.

70% of patients are over 65 years of age.

According to a report, about 70 percent of the people admitted to the hospital here are aged 65 years and above. Health officials are monitoring two new strains. Omicron variant EG.5 (Aris) is dominant in the US and BA.2.86 is beginning to spread.

Advice on using a mask

The CDC warned last week that BA.2.86 may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had a COVID infection or vaccination. The report said that some institutions across the country have asked people to temporarily wear masks. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated EG.5, or Aeris, as a “species of concern” due to an increase in cases globally. According to the WHO, the largest share of EG.5 sequences is from China (30.6 percent). However, he believes that the variety is not particularly dangerous. (IANS)

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