New Features of iOS 17: These great features are coming to your iPhone, security will also be doubled.

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Users will get many security features in the new updates.

Apple iPhone iOS 17 Feature: If you have an iPhone, there is good news for you. iPhone users are going to get many great features in iOS17 operating system. These features of iOS17 can completely change your experience. Currently, no information has been given by Apple regarding the launch of iOS 17, but it is believed that Apple will give a new update to iPhone users at the iPhone 15 launch event on September 12. can

It is believed that Apple’s new operating system software may be equipped with several new features and functions. Users can get many new security and privacy features. The new features of iOS17 can be a game changer for iPhone users. Let us tell you about some of the special features available in iOS 17.

Link tracking protection

According to a report by Forbes, one of the most special features in iOS 17 is link tracking protection. Apple’s Link Tracking Protection strengthens online privacy and data security. We inform you that the Link Tracking Protection feature prevents websites from adding additional information to their URLs for marketing purposes.

Name drop

If you are an iPhone user and are very serious about your personal details or any official details then iOS 17 Name Drop feature will be very useful. If you want to share personal details securely with another person, Name Drop will help you. The NameDrop feature will work like Apple’s AirDrop feature, it will be completely secure as it will be encrypted.

Live Voicemail

Apple is going to bring a great live voicemail feature in iOS 17. In this feature, when someone leaves you a voicemail, you’ll be able to see who’s calling you via a transcription on your screen. If you want, the new operating system update will also let you make calls while leaving voicemail.

Pass the keys

The Passkeys feature is going to be the most special feature of iOS17. In this, the user will be given a pass key along with the Apple ID. This means that you will no longer need to enter your Apple Account login ID again and again. You will only be able to log into your account with a passkey.

Automatically delete verification codes.

Although it is very difficult to misuse the one-time passwords that come with our number, they must be used and deleted for complete security. However, there are very few people who delete OTP from their number. Now Apple is going to give users a feature in iOS 17 in which the one-time password will be deleted automatically after using it.

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