Maharashtra: Major accident in Thane Bhiwandi, 2 people were killed when a part of the building collapsed

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Major accident in Bhiwandi

Police Station: A major accident took place last night at Bhiwandi police station in Maharashtra. A part of the building collapsed here, killing 2 people and injuring 5. The incident took place late on Saturday at 1 o’clock, when a part of a two-storey building collapsed near Dhobi Lake in Bhiwandi. The accident took place on Dargah Road in Bhiwandi.

7 members of the same family were trapped in the debris of the building and were rescued by Bhiwandi Fire Brigade and Thane Municipal Corporation employees. Among them, 2 people died and 5 people including a child were injured. All the injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

There was an uproar on the occasion.

As soon as the accident was reported, a large crowd of people gathered at the spot. As soon as the people realized that the entire family was buried under the rubble, there was panic on the spot. Police and fire brigade vehicles immediately reached the spot and started the rescue operation.

According to reports, this building was very old. However, no information has been received regarding whether the administration has ordered to vacate it or not.

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