Once again Maharashtra started burning, who are the Marathas and what is the reservation system?

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Maratha Reservation Movement

The demand for Maratha reservation has gained momentum in Maharashtra. Violence was recently witnessed in Jalana in this regard. After Jalna, the fire of reservation has now reached Sambhaji Nagar (Aurangabad). In such a situation, in view of the demand for reservation, a bandh has been called by the Skull Maratha organization in Sambhaji Nagar. This bandh has been supported by many political parties. Section 37 (3) has been imposed in Sambhaji Nagar and a large police force has been deployed. MNS chief Raj Thackeray, who was going to Sambhajnagar today, was stopped on the Aurangabad-Solapur highway. Here Raj Thackeray stood on the road and spoke to the people.

Govt is ready for Maratha reservation.

In this regard, the protesters have refused to hold a new meeting with the government and have asked the government to announce Maratha reservation within 2 days. Let us tell you that the Deputy CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, had called Manoj Jarangay Patil, the leader of the Maratha movement, for a meeting. Agitators have come to meet Raj Thackeray. In this regard, the cabinet sub-committee formed on Maratha reservation is also scheduled to meet today. CM and Deputy CM will also be present in this meeting. The government has said it is in support of Maratha reservation. Jalana violence case is being investigated. Action will be taken against whoever is found guilty in this matter.

Let us tell you that hundreds of protesters have gathered at Kranti Chowk in Sambhaj Nagar, who are protesting and raising slogans against the BJP and Eknath Shinde government. Let me tell you that after the Jalna violence, 6 FIRs have been registered in the reservation case and 40 people have been arrested. Let you know that the police have imposed Section 37 (3) in Jalna and Sambhaji Nagar. Under this action will be taken if 5 people gather together without any reason. Let us tell you that the Maratha organization calling for a bandh in Sambhajnagar is demanding that lathi-chargers should be suspended, Devendra Fadnavis should resign, and the Maratha community should be given reservation.

Who are the Marathas?

The Marathas are a caste group in Maharashtra, consisting of farmers, landlords and other classes of people. These people constitute more than 30% of the population of Maharashtra. Marathas are identified as warriors. Let us tell you that the Marathas have a great influence on the politics of Maharashtra. Most of the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra have been Marathas.

Mathematics of Reservation in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a total population of around 12 to 13 crores. In this population, 15% of scheduled castes get the benefit of reservation. 7.5% of Scheduled Tribes get the benefit of reservation. 27% of people from other backward classes get the benefit of reservation and another 2.5% people get the benefit of reservation in Maharashtra.

When was the Maratha reservation cancelled?

Accepting the long-standing demand for reservation, the Maharashtra government gave 16 percent reservation to Marathas in 2018. Subsequently, in June 2019, the Bombay High Court reduced the reservation to 12-13 percent. Subsequently, in May 2021, the Supreme Court canceled the Maratha reservation and the review petition filed in the Supreme Court in this regard was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Causes of violence in Jalana

In fact, violence was witnessed in Jalna during the ongoing protests for Maratha reservation in Maharashtra. Here people of Maratha organization were protesting demanding Maratha reservation. Meanwhile, the police tried to detain the protesters. Meanwhile, the tension between the police and the protesters increased and the police fired tear gas shells and resorted to lathi charge. The protesters are being accused of pelting stones at the police and villagers say that the police fired in the air.

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