This government company is bringing vacancies during retrenchment, so many people are going to get opportunity at a time.

The whole world has been witnessing a period of layoffs for the last two and a half years. Meanwhile, millions of people lost their jobs. Hardly any sector is untouched by layoffs. A state-owned company has announced relief in this dire period of retrenchment. The company is going to do a massive recruitment drive in the coming days.

The number of employees will be so.

According to a report by news agency PTI, state-owned company AI Engineering Services is gearing up to hire 1,000 new recruits soon. The state-owned company wants to expand its maintenance, repair and overhauling capacity. The new hires are part of the company’s efforts. The total number of employees of the company before the proposed recruitment is around 5000. After recruitment, their number will be around 6000.

The government is preparing for disinvestment.

AI Engineering Services Limited i.e. AIESL has given an average annual revenue of around Rs.2000 Crores during the last 3 years. The company is also focusing on raising funds to expand its capacity. The government is planning to liquidate the company.

The company expects it.

AI Engineering Services has high hopes for the boom in India’s aviation sector. India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. Recently, Indian aviation companies have ordered around 1600 new aircraft. As the number of aircraft increases, the demand for MRO services will also increase. Due to this, AI Engineering Services expects the demand for its services to increase and that is why the company is working on a plan to recruit 1000 people in the coming months.

Contact with Air India

The company provides a wide range of services including base and line maintenance. The company also provides overhaul service of landing gear, avionics accessories and components etc. Earlier this company used to be a part of Air India. After the disinvestment, Air India has now gone to the Tata Group. Thereafter AI Engineering Services is now operating as a part of AI Assets Holding Limited.

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