‘Adhyanidhi belongs to Ravana’s family’, Bageshwar Baba attacks Stalin

Bageshwar Baba, Adhyaanidhi Stalin- India TV Hindi.

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Bageshwar Baba said Adhyayanidhi attack on Stalin

Seeker: The controversy over Adhyayandhi Stalin’s statement against Sanatan Dharma is not letting up. After this statement of Stalin, both politicians and Hindu saints are making strong attacks against him. Meanwhile, Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, head of Bageshwar Dham, has criticized Stalin in harsh words. He said that his statement has hurt the hearts of the Sanatanis of India.

‘India is the land of legends’

Bageshwar Baba said that India is the land of Sanatnis. Sanatana Dharma has existed since the beginning of this world. All the religions of the world have their origins in Sanatan. As long as there is water and sun on this earth, no one will be able to spoil even a hair of Sanatan. He said that Adhyayandhi Stalin belongs to Ravana family.

‘Udayandhi Stalin has lost his mind’

Baba Bageshwar said that Adhyayanidhi Stalin has lost his mind. He feels as if he has lost his mind and now needs a mental asylum. He said that those who are dreaming of destroying Sanatan should open their ears and hear that Sanatan is not the legacy of those who would destroy it.

‘If anyone doubts Allah, then come to the field’

On that first Sunday too, Baba had attacked Stalin. He said that those who are saying that Sanatan Dharma should be abolished. I say to those who think that if they want to live in India, they will have to take the name of Ram. He said that whoever opposes Sanatan, he will tie on his shoulder and shoulders. Bageshwar Baba said that I am not threatening anyone but giving a disclaimer. He said that if anyone has doubts about God, they should come to the field. I will remove all his doubts.

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