India managed to become the voice of emerging economies during the G20 presidency: the US

Artist creates sand painting to celebrate US President Joe Biden's visit to India to attend G-20 - India TV Hindi

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The artist created an image on the sand to celebrate US President Joe Biden’s visit to India to attend the G-20.

During its presidency of the G-20, India has proven to be able to achieve its goals. After India’s presidency of the G-20, a different image has emerged in the world. For this, all the countries of the world are praising the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After British Prime Minister Rishi Singh praised PM Modi for his chairmanship of G-20, now America has also praised him. The US says that India has been able to become the voice of emerging economies during the presidency of the G-20. Meanwhile, an American official has also expressed very positive views about President Joe Biden’s visit to New Delhi for the G20 summit chaired by India. The official has said that Biden’s visit to New Delhi will further promote India-US relations.

The US official said this on Wednesday. He said that India’s position in G20 has been successful in becoming the voice of emerging economies. US State Department spokeswoman Margaret McLeod said at the US Embassy in London ahead of a visit to New Delhi this week that the US hopes that substantial consensus can be reached at the end of the G20 summit. “We believe that the G20 is a really good forum where the world’s leading countries can come together to talk,” McLeod said, adding, “Member countries represent 85 percent of global gross domestic product, leading They come together in the meeting.” Making it an ideal. A platform to discuss economic and other major challenges facing the world.

India’s leadership is excellent.

The United States has also praised PM Modi’s leadership while hailing India’s stand in the G20 as a voice for emerging economies. According to America, PM Modi’s leadership has been excellent. Despite some countries blocking consensus during the G20 meetings, India as President issued a statement that incorporated broad majority views and used internationally agreed aspects.

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PM Rishi Shankar said – The right country got the command of G20 at the right time, it is wonderful to see the way India is leading the world.

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