Clash between the two parties over issuing tazia, sticks were seen moving in the video

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Clash at Malawan Tajia of Hardui

A fierce fight broke out between two parties over the tazia under Malawan police station of Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. The dispute escalated to such an extent that both the parties engaged in lathi charge and stone pelting. This video of the fight is now going viral on social media. People on both sides have sustained serious injuries. The injured are being treated. The police have registered a case against five persons on the complaint of one party due to which the other party is angry with the police.

The police took action on the writing on one side.

In fact, there was a fight between two parties of the same community over the back and forth of Tajia under Malava Kotwali, in which three people from one side were injured. The police have registered a case against five persons from the other side in this matter. In the town of Chidimar Tola, a quarrel broke out due to the carrying of Tazia back and forth at night. A resident of Chidimar Tola, Mo Faryad, son of Gyas Kotwali, said in writing that Mo of the area. Aman was in the street with Bablu when Chandan, Shakeel aka Bhaiya, Jigar Salman, Rabal started beating everyone with sticks and sticks in their hands, abused and threatened life and property. In no time the fighting between the two sides turned fierce. As soon as the fight was reported, the police officers reached the spot and brought the situation under control and started investigation by registering a case against five people on the complaint of one side.

There was a scramble to carry refreshments back and forth.

On the other hand, in the complaint filed by the Bhagule Baba Tajiya Committee of Gangarampur police station, Malavan, it has been stated that their committee has been doing Tajiya Dari for years, which is continuing. The residents of Charmuta, our neighborhood, made a new tazia and started tajiya. These guys have often fought back and forth for Tajia in 2013. They were instructed by the management to follow our tajiya. But yesterday they fought and fought well, chasing Tajia back and forth. Many people were injured in it.

Police say that the fight was over old enmity.

At present there is resentment against the police on the other hand due to the registration of a case by the police on the one hand. Giving information, Additional SP Dargesh Kumar Singh said that there was a fight between two factions of the same community in Malawan police station over old enmity, in which further necessary action was taken by registering a case against five people of one faction. Is. is going

(Reporting by Ram Srivastava)

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