Fake story of gang rape of minor to collect Rs. 1 crore, 2 arrested

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Two suspects were arrested for creating a fake case of gang rape.

Indore: Two people were arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to frame three people in a false case of gang-rape of a minor girl in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district. Informing about this, a police officer said that a vicious criminal is also included among the accused. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Abhishek Anand said that the accused have been identified as Hemant Chopra and Rahul Lakhare.

The girl had alleged gang-rape in the car.

Giving information about the case, the DCP added that a 15-year-old girl had alleged on Monday night that she was gang-raped by three people in a car in Nepaniya area of ​​the city. The girl had alleged that after gang-raping her, they threw her in the bushes near a liquor shop and fled. Anand said that when the girl was spoken to in confidence by a woman sub-inspector, her allegation of gang-rape against the three people was not found to be true.

The one who hatched the conspiracy turned out to be the accused of rape.
The DCP said that the girl was persuaded by Chopra to register a case of gang-rape against three people at the police station so that a sum of Rs 1 crore could be collected from them later as a settlement in the court. They said that Chopra lured the girl from a family facing severe financial crisis to give half of the illegal extortion amount. He said that there are more than 10 FIRs registered against Chopria in connection with serious crimes in the city and Rahul Lakhare, involved in this conspiracy, had also raped a minor girl.

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