A Godhra-like situation may arise after the inauguration of the Ram temple, what did Abu say about this statement?

Abu Azmi- India TV Hindi.

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Abu Azmi

Mumbai: The statement of former Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray about the Ram temple has created a stir. SP MLA Abu Azmi has also expressed his opinion on Uddhav’s statement. In fact, Shiv Sena (UBT) chief Uddhav had said, ‘The government may invite a large number of people in buses and trucks to inaugurate the Ram temple in Ayodhya. May be.’

What did Abu Azmi say?

Abu Azmi said, ‘Uddhav has expressed fear of violence (Godhra incident) during the Ayodhya temple. This is a very serious statement. The central government should take notice of this so that no such incident takes place on the occasion of the inauguration of the Ayodhya temple. Abu Azmi said, ‘The way the atmosphere is being created against Muslims in the country since 2014, hatred against them is increasing in people’s minds, something like this can be done (according to Udhu’s statement).

Abu Azmi said, ‘I have been demanding the Maharashtra government for the past several months not to implement Article 153 (A). Put terrorism provisions against such people, so that they are not bailed out quickly. But the government is not ready to listen because the intentions of the state government are poor.

Abu Azmi said, “No matter who posts, anyone raises provocative slogans, action will be taken against Muslims only.” The state and central government are mixing poison in people’s minds against Muslims. Unless serious provisions like terrorism are imposed on such people, such violence or riots through social media posts will not stop.

An environment is being created against Muslims in the country: Abu Azmi

Abu Azmi said that after the Supreme Court’s order, the temple is being built in Ayodhya, Hindus should celebrate it but should not raise slogans or act under the influence of anyone, which would cause Muslims to react. If this happens, riots will break out. Be it Hindu or Muslim, everyone will be affected. What happened across the country after the Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra train accident? Everyone has seen it.

What did Abu Azmi say about Maratha and Muslim reservation?

Abu Azmi said that Maratha and Muslim reservation was passed in the assembly during the MVA government before the Shinde government, but no GR was passed on it, because the intention of Congress and NCP was not right at that time. Now the same NCP-Congress is demanding the Shinde government to give Maratha reservation, but no one is talking about the pending Muslim reservation in Maharashtra, because no one, whether it is the country or Maharashtra, has Muslims. No worries.

Abu Azmi said Marathas should get reservation but not OBC quota. Supriya Sole is demanding a special session of the joint assembly to discuss Muslim and Maratha reservation. This is welcome but don’t forget the reservation of Muslims with Marathas in Maharashtra again.

What did Abu Azmi say about Rahul’s visit to Europe?

Abu Azmi said, ‘What does Rahul Gandhi say about the BJP and the central government abroad, what does it have to do with holding the G20? BJP’s Hindutva is hypocrisy. That’s totally fine. Look at the environment of the country after 2014, you will understand. BJP should examine itself before pointing fingers at Rahul Gandhi.

What did Abu Azmi say about Uday Nidhi’s Sanatan statement?

Abu Azmi said, ‘Ada Nidhi Hoon or actor Prakash Raj, why are they making such statements? One should think about it first. He expressed his views. Perhaps before this there would have been comments about violence by creating a Hindu-Muslim problem. Prakash Raj is also a Hindu, so why is he making such a statement on Sanatan? It should be understood. I do not support their statement on any religion or Sanatan, but their statement needs to be understood.

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