Severe floods in Libya caused destruction, more than 2 thousand bodies were recovered, 30 thousand people had to leave their homes.

Heavy floods wreak havoc in Libya – India TV Hindi

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Severe floods in Libya caused destruction.

Libya: After the destruction caused by the floods in the city of Derna in the African country of Libya, rescue workers have pulled out more than 2,000 bodies from the rubble until Wednesday. It is being told that at least 30 thousand people have been displaced. Storm ‘Daniel’ in the Mediterranean caused heavy rains in Libya on Sunday night, causing flooding. Storm floods have caused widespread destruction in many cities of eastern Libya, but the worst damage has been done to the city of Derna. Due to heavy rains and floods in Darna, dams were broken, the water of which entered the surroundings.

The flood caused extensive damage to infrastructure in the coastal city of Derna and displaced at least 30,000 people, the UN refugee agency said. The International Organization for Migration said the floods had caused significant damage to infrastructure in the city of Derna. He said that reaching the affected area is a very difficult task for humanitarian aid workers. Eastern Libya’s Health Minister Othman Abdel Jalil said more than 2,000 bodies had been found as of Wednesday morning. More than half of these bodies were buried in mass graves in Derna.

Some bodies were recovered from the sea

He said that the rescue teams pulled out some bodies from the sea. According to the United Nations Migration Agency, several roads have been damaged or destroyed due to flooding in Darna. According to which the bridges built on the Darna river connecting the eastern and western parts of the city have also collapsed. Ian Friday, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation in Libya, told ‘France24’ that the flood has caused great destruction in the city of Derna. He said that people from local emergency services including soldiers, civil servants, volunteers and residents are involved in the rescue operation.

These countries sent aid.

Libya’s neighbors Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, have sent aid teams and humanitarian aid. U.S. President Joe Biden said the U.S. is sending emergency financial aid to aid organizations and is contacting Libyan authorities and the United Nations to provide additional assistance. Libya’s Interior Ministry put the death toll in Derna at more than 5,300 on Tuesday.

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Severe floods in Libya caused destruction

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