Uncle fell asleep under the moving truck, everyone was surprised to see the wake, watch this video

Uncle sleeping under moving truck.- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
Uncle is sleeping under the moving truck.

When nothing works, Jagad comes in handy and the people of India are experts at this. Many times such stunts are seen that everyone is surprised. One such video is going viral on social media in which people are amazed to see the talent of this person. Let alone common people, even engineers lost their minds when they saw this pattern. You also see this Jugaad and tell me, isn’t it a wonderful Jugaad?

Jagad’s video went viral

In the viral video, you can see an uncle sleeping peacefully on a bed made of jute under a truck. At the same time, the truck is running at full speed on the road. Uncle has arranged his sleeping in such a way that no one can imagine. Although this Jagdo bed looks very luxurious, sleeping on it is not without its risks. One small mistake will kill you. If you turn even once from one side to the other, even Lord Brahma cannot save you.

“Life should be so tension free”

This video has been shared by a page called (indian_ka_talent) on Instagram. The caption says what kind of people live in India. As of writing this video, 6.5 million people have watched it and 7 million people have liked it. Also, many people are commenting on this video. A user wrote that uncle’s place is strong. Another wrote, “Bro, I want to be so much more tension free in my life. While many people wrote that who takes so much risk in life?

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