A Nigerian man climbs a radio tower with a football on his head.

Tony Solomon, a native of Nigeria, has created a record - India TV Hindi

Image Source: Guinness World Records Twitter
Tony Solomon, a resident of Nigeria, made this record

You must have heard of different types of world records by now. You may have heard that someone has set the world record for the fastest sprint and someone has set the record for the most push-ups. But have you ever seen someone set the record for climbing the most stairs with a football on their head? Don’t be surprised because one person holds this record.

Tony Solomon sets a record

Tony Solomon, a resident of Nigeria, has a history of his own. He holds the record for climbing a 250-foot (76 m) radio tower while balancing a football on his head. He balanced the football on his head until he reached the radio tower completely.

Watch the video here

You will be surprised to hear the reason.

According to the Guinness World Record, Tony was able to walk 37 miles (60 km) with a football on his head, but no one believed him. So to prove them all wrong, Tony decided to prove his skills by making this record while holding football on his head.

What did Tony say?

World record holder Tony said he did it to challenge himself and to inspire others to do great things. He also said that he trained for 2 months to make this record. And spent all his spare time in this work. He did this until he was sure he would succeed.

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