Rakesh Mishra Tej’s Special Song ‘Dhaniya Tej Kale Badi’ Viral

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How to make Green Coriander: One of the viral stars of the Bhojpuri music industry, Rakesh Mishra’s specialty is that he brings an earthy flavor to his songs. Their songs that make every festival special are released before the festival. Which gets immense love from the audience. Now Rakesh Mishra has released his new song “Dhaniya Tej Kele Badi” for his Tej Special.

The importance of Tej shown in the video

Through this song, Rakesh Mishra has shown the importance of Tej festival and how worried a husband is for his wife when she does Tej. Rakesh Mishra’s amazing song has been released from his official YouTube channel which has received millions of views so far and the song is also going viral.

Expressed the husband’s love to his wife.

About the song ‘Dhaniya Tej Kele Badi’, Rakesh Mishra said that the song is very beautiful and shows the love and care of husbands towards their fasting wives. This song is a gift for all Tej fasts. He said that Tej festival is celebrated with great pomp. It is believed that on the day of Tej, Lord Mahadev accepted Mother Parvati as his wife. Mother Parvati did penance for 107 births to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Lord Bholanath was pleased with mother Parvati’s severe penance, he married Parvatiji in his 108th birth. This is why Tej Day is very special for married women and unmarried girls. That’s why I wrote this song. I would appeal to all Bhojpuri audience brothers to give this song a lot of praise and make it a super hit.

It’s the whole team.

Let us tell you that Rakesh Mishra has given his beautiful voice to the song ‘Dhaniya Tej Kele Badi’. Nikita Bharadwaj’s look as Tejvarathi in this song is very charming and her pairing with Rakesh Mishra looks fantastic. The lyrics of the song are by Manoj Mutalbi while the music is composed by Shashir Pandey. The director is Ashish Satyarthi and the choreographer is Anuj.

These Bhojpuri beauties are the queen of social media, know who is ahead in terms of popularity?

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