Bagla Mukhi Temple echoes with chanting of mantras, special hoon ceremony held on PM Modi’s birthday

People are worshiping.- India TV Hindi.

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People are praying.

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, a special hoon ritual was performed at the famous Maa Bagla Mukhi temple in Nalkhera in Agar-Malwa district. On this occasion, Pandits of Mata Mandir and BJP leaders performed the ritual of Hon. In the video, it can be seen that the Pandits are holding a cut-out of Narendra Modi and performing Aarti Pooja together. On the birthday of the Prime Minister of the country, such incidents are seen across the country.

Havan was shown for the country’s longevity and continued development.

Meanwhile, temple priests and BJP mandal president said that they are performing Yeh Hoon ritual for long life of PM Modi and continuous development of the country. In this special hona ritual performed at the hona kund of the Maa Bagla Mukhi temple complex, offerings were made with special ingredients including yellow mustard. During the Hawan, a life-size statue of Prime Minister Modi was also placed in front of the Hawankund.

There is a special belief of happening at this point.

On PM Modi’s birthday, the entire Bagla Mukhi temple erupted with slogans. In Bagla Mukhi temple, the ritual of honing has a special importance, here the wishes are fulfilled by honing. It is believed that the Pandavas sought victory at this place. Pundits say that the praiseworthy deeds of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have increased the glory of the nation. During his time, the country developed. Such a great person should not face any problem and should work fearlessly in the interest of the nation.

(Reporting by Ram Yadav)

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