Due to the transit of Sun, the problems of these 3 Rashas will increase, they will have to face many problems.

Surya Gauchar 2023- India TV Hindi.

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Surya Transit 2023

Surya Transit 2023: Planetary ruler Sun has moved from Leo to Virgo today i.e. 17 September 2023. After that the sun god will remain in Virgo till October 18 i.e. for a whole month. Virgo is a dual zodiac sign in nature and its element is earth. The element of Sun is fire. When the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, your communication, work energy and dedication are affected. You may be harsh in your speech and arrogant in nature. The tone and words can sometimes be harsh and sometimes arrogant. Virgo is also associated with health and cleanliness. So let’s tell from astrologer Chirag Bijan Daruwala which rashi people can get good results of transiting in Virgo.


Gemini sign people may face physical and mental stress due to Sun sign change. There may be a dispute in the family. Be patient in your work otherwise the work may go bad. Also, it will be better if you invest wisely in the business. In such a situation, people of this zodiac sign will face some problems during the journey. Take special care of your health. However, there will be good opportunities in business.


Due to Sun’s transit in Virgo, Tama rashi people should take special care of their health. You may have to go on a long journey. Pocket expenses will increase. A hostile attitude can hurt you. You better control your words.


This time will be difficult for Capricorn people in some cases. There may be ups and downs in married life. Try to do any task or work with patience. Pocket expenses will increase. But due to the transit effect of Sun, you will get good results in your career. There are chances of advancement in the job. You will also get immense success in your work. Respect will increase in the society.

(Astrologer Chirag Daruwala is the son of expert astrologer Bijan Daruwala. He is known for his detailed astrological predictions on love, finance, career, health and business.)

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