Kanwaljit, who set an example on the big screen with her acting, showed her magic on the small screen as well.

Kanwaljit Singh Unknown Facts: Be it Punjabi films or Hindi films, the magic of his acting is etched in everyone’s mind. The situation is that they are also among the experienced actors of TV serials. Of course we are talking about Kanwaljit Singh, whose birthday is today. In such a case, we are introducing you to such stories of his life which you have hardly heard.

Born in Kanpur but brought up in Saharanpur.

Born on September 19, 1951 in Kanpur, Kanwaljit Singh needs no identification. Although he was born in Kanpur, he received his education in Saharanpur. He then went to the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune to learn the nuances of acting. Kanwaljit Singh partnered actress Anuradha Patel, granddaughter of veteran actor Ashok Kumar. Kanwaljit has two sons Siddharth Singh and Aditya Singh. Siddharth is a musician, while Aditya is an artist.

Kanoljit’s career was something like this.

Talking about Kanwaljit Singh’s career, he made his debut in Bollywood with the film Shankar Hussain in 1977 at the age of 17. He played the role of Inam Hussain in this film. After that, he showed his acting magic in films like Ashanti, Zindagi Ek Sangharsh, Kuch Metha Ho Jaye, Ek Masal, Raazi and Sardar Ka Puta etc.

Also showed strength in Punjabi films

Kanwaljit Singh has shown the essence of his acting in Hindi cinema as well as in Punjabi films. He acted in films like Jee Aya No, Esa No Maan Vatna Da, Dil Apna Punjabi, Mati Wajan Mardi and Captain etc.

There is a lot of magic going on in the TV world too.

Kanwaljit made his debut on the small screen in 1986 with the TV serial Baadhan. Apart from this, he has acted in serials like Tipu Sultan’s Sword, Bible Stories, Farman, Darar and Sans etc. Along with this, Kanwaljit has also entered the world of OTT. So far he has worked in web series like Typewriter and Hostages etc.

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Kanwaljit Singh

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