Voice and video calling feature coming soon to X, setting details revealed

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The company will add end-to-end encryption to the platform a few days after launching the video and audio features.

The microblogging platform has changed a lot since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter. Twitter is no longer Twitter, but X. Musk has made many big changes to the X so far. On the X, users will soon get a video calling feature similar to WhatsApp and Instagram. Elon Musk himself announced this a few days ago.

On Twitter ie X, users will get the feature of voice calls along with video calls. Elon Musk is trying to make this microblogging app an all-in-one app and keeping that in mind, he is adding new features with X. People have also started discussing that in the near future, users may also get the facility to pay on X.

Recently, a detail regarding X’s video and voice call feature has surfaced. In fact, a leaked report revealed 3 features found in X’s video and voice calls. These features have been shared by a user named X News Daily. Several options for video and voice calls on X will be provided in the messaging settings.

According to the report, to make video calls and voice calls, you have to go inside the message settings. After turning it on, you will also get the option to know who can and cannot call you. Here you will be given 3 types of options. In this you will be able to select any option from contact list, verified users or people you follow. You can select all if you want. Only the people you select will be able to make video and audio calls to you.

We inform you that the video and audio call feature coming to X will not be in encrypted form yet. Musk said some time ago that the feature will not be end-to-end encrypted in the early days, but later the company will make it encrypted. Currently, only authenticated users will be able to use this feature of X.

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