Crude oil continues to rise, but petrol and diesel prices have come down in cities from Patna to Noida.

Petrol Diesel Rates on 22 September 2023: State-owned oil companies in India release petrol and diesel prices every day. This price is updated every day at 6 am. Talking about today, petrol and diesel prices have changed in many cities of India on Friday. It also includes the name of a city. Petrol and diesel prices remained stable in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata today, but fuel prices were revised in Chennai today.

In Chennai, petrol has gone up by 11 paise to Rs 102.74 and diesel at Rs 94.33 per litre. In Kolkata, petrol is being sold at Rs 106.03 and diesel at Rs 92.76 per litre. In Mumbai, petrol is being sold at Rs 106.31 and diesel at Rs 94.27 per litre. In New Delhi, petrol is being sold at Rs 96.72 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.62 per litre.

Crude oil continues to rise

Crude oil prices continued to rise in the international market on Friday. WTI crude oil is trading at $89.86 a barrel today, up 0.26%. Along with this, Brent crude oil price has recorded an increase of 0.16% and is trading near $93.45 per barrel.

In which cities fuel rates have been updated-

  • Agra- Petrol is being sold 28 paise cheaper at Rs 96.20 and diesel 27 paise cheaper at Rs 89.37 per litre.
  • Ahmedabad- Petrol has become expensive by 35 paise to Rs 96 57 paise per litre, diesel has gone up by 36 paise to Rs 92 32 paise per litre.
  • Noida- Petrol is being sold 17 paise cheaper to Rs 96 59 paise and diesel is being sold 17 paise cheaper to Rs 89 76 paise per litre.
  • Gurugram- Petrol is being sold by 33 paise to 96 rupees 99 paise, diesel by 32 paise to 89 rupees 86 paise per litre.
  • Patna- Petrol is being sold 11 paise cheaper at Rs 107.48 and diesel 10 paise cheaper at Rs 94.26 per litre.

Check latest city wise rates-

If you want to know the latest rate in your city, you can do it easily. All you have to do is send an MMS. To know BPCL customer RSP price<डीलर कोड> Write and send to 9224992249. Indian Oil Customer RSP<डीलर कोड> Write and send to 9224992249. While HPCL customers can check HPPRICE price. <डीलर कोड> Write and send to 9222201122. Within a few minutes you will receive the latest rate information via message.

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