The economic crisis made Pakistan poor, poverty increased so much in just one year.

People suffering from hunger in Pakistan.- India TV Hindi.

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Starving people in Pakistan.

Pakistan, which has created the image of a terrorist country around the world including India, is dying of hunger. Poverty and unemployment have worsened the condition of Pakistan. Due to the economic crisis, the country has become completely impoverished. Pakistan is being forced to wander from house to house carrying a begging bowl. In the last one year, a shaky economy has devastated Pakistan. The World Bank has said that poverty in Pakistan has increased to 39.4 percent in the last financial year. These statistics are shocking. According to statistics, due to bad economic conditions, more than 1.25 million new people in Pakistan have become victims of it.

The World Bank has said that Pakistan must take immediate steps to achieve financial stability. Otherwise no one can save it from destruction now. People in Pakistan are not getting even two meals a day. International media reports show the plight of people in Pakistan scrambling for bread, dal, rice and flour and in some places fighting for food. The Washington-based lender unveiled a draft policy on Friday, according to a report in The Express Tribune newspaper. It has been prepared for the next government of Pakistan with the support of all stakeholders.

How many poor increased in Pakistan?

According to the World Bank, poverty in Pakistan has increased from 34.2 percent to 39.4 percent within a year. Along with this, more than 1.25 crore people have come below the poverty line. In Pakistan, an income of US$ 3.65 per day is considered as the poverty line. About 95 million Pakistanis are currently living in poverty, the draft policy said. While its total population is around 23 crores. From this it can be estimated how widespread poverty is in Pakistan. World Bank Chief Economist for Pakistan Tobias Haque said that Pakistan’s economic model is no longer reducing poverty and the standard of living is falling compared to peer countries. The World Bank has emphasized taxing agriculture and real estate and reducing wasteful spending. (language)

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The economic crisis in Pakistan has made Pakistan poor, the poor have increased so much in just 1 year

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