India sounds alarm at UNGA, says Bhutan – PM Modi gives Covid vaccine to 100 countries

Bhutan Foreign Minister Thandi Dorjee - India TV Hindi

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Thandi Dorjee, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting in New York has been appreciating India’s global efforts. The steps taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kattambakkam during Covid has proved to be a boon to the world. Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Thandi Dorjee has said this. He said at the India-UN Global Summit that “Vaccine Mitri” is one of the biggest humanitarian initiatives undertaken by India. This initiative has provided Covid vaccines to around 100 countries of the world. Great service has been done. He also said that the enduring partnership between Bhutan and India is a remarkable example of strong mutual ties in the Global South.

Dorjee said that this partnership between India and Bhutan spans various sectors including trade, education and development. India’s continued support for Bhutan’s socio-economic development and hydropower sector will not only accelerate Bhutan’s economic growth but also enhance regional energy security. He said that the India-Bhutan partnership is fast becoming an excellent example of strong mutual ties in the Global South. Our share value and historic partnership are touching new heights. This people-to-people cooperation between India and Bhutan will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

PM Modi did a great service to humanity during Kovid.

During the Covid pandemic, when the World Health Organization (WHO) and other major countries of the world predicted a wave of deaths and untold devastation in India, Prime Minister Modi instead of relying on other countries to fight the Corona virus. Started Commitment to develop vaccine in own country. The covid vaccine developed in India not only saved the lives of the people of our country but PM Modi sent it to more than 100 countries to protect humanity. Due to which India was able to save millions of lives all over the world. The whole world does not get tired of appreciating this effort of India. Every country will always be indebted to PM Modi for this initiative.

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