These 10 countries in the world spit out the most gold, how much is consumed in India?

Gold is a precious metal. This metal is in high demand worldwide. It is mostly bought in India. However, India is not among the top ten countries in the world in terms of gold production. It is said that the more gold a country’s Reserve Bank or Central Bank holds, the stronger its economy.

Which country has the most gold?

India imports gold from all over the world. The country imports tons of gold every year. Most of the gold in the world is imported from China. During the year 2022, China produced the largest amount of gold in the world with 10.6%. The second largest country is Russia, which accounted for 10.3 percent of global gold production.

Australia moved to third place.

During 2021, Australia overtook China to become the world’s number one producer of gold, but now it has fallen to third place and currently accounts for 10.3 percent of global gold production. In the first half of 2021, Australia produced 157 tonnes of gold, while in the financial year 2019-20 it extracted 328 tonnes of gold.

Share among the top ten gold producing countries in 2022

  1. China 10.6 percent
  2. Russia 10.3 percent
  3. Australia 10.3 percent
  4. Canada 7.1 percent
  5. United States 5.5 percent
  6. Mexico 3.9 percent
  7. Kazakhstan 3.9 percent
  8. South Africa 3.5 percent
  9. Peru 3.2 percent
  10. Uzbekistan 3.2 percent
  11. Ghana 2.9 percent
  12. Indonesia 2.3 percent
  13. Other countries of the world 33.3 percent

How much gold does India extract?

According to the World Gold Council, since the beginning of gold mining in the world, about two hundred thousand tons of gold have been extracted. Karnataka is the largest producer of gold in India. Large quantities of gold are mined here from Kolar, Ehoti and Ooty. About 1.6 tonnes of gold is produced in India and 774 tonnes of gold is used every year, while 3,000 tonnes of gold is mined in the world.

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