Brother made rail wearing saree, video went viral

A man made a rail wearing a saree - India TV Hindi

Image source: TWITTER
A man wearing a sari made a rail

It is said that the future of the country is in the hands of the youth. Only the youth has the power to change the destiny of the country. But today’s youth is crazy about rails. The fever of going viral on social media has affected people to such an extent that they are willing to do anything. Many times youngsters risk their lives to get views on the rails, while sometimes the same youngsters are seen doing strange acts. But this time one person has left all these behind and is wearing a saree himself making a reel of Bhojpuri songs, which is going viral on social media.

Why did the video go viral?

Today a video is going viral on social media. After watching this video, you won’t be able to stop laughing even if you want to. In the viral video, you can see a person wearing a yellow and red saree. Apart from this she is wearing all the ornaments that a woman wears. The man also applied vermilion on his request. In the video, you can see this man performing to a famous Bhojpuri song ‘Pitra Patra Piava Ke’. The man in the video has left even the girls behind with his style. If this man had removed his beard and mustache from his face, it would have been very difficult to tell at first that he was a boy.

Watch the viral video here

Let us tell you that this viral video was shared on microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by an account named @ChapraZila. The caption accompanying the video reads, ‘Truly the world has moved on.’ This video is being widely shared on various social media platforms.

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