Learn from Swami Ramdev how to avoid new diseases amid increasing global warming.

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Tips to avoid infectious diseases

Can man survive without nature? There are many explorations going on regarding the possibility of life. After 7 years, NASA’s capsule is back with samples from an asteroid that will try to find out how life began on Earth. Undoubtedly, all missions like Suryan Chandrayan have a life purpose. Every day new research creates new hope but it is in our hands. Trees, plants, rivers, ponds, mountains and forests are our life lines. We don’t care, instead of improving the nature on which life depends, we are constantly degrading it.

And man is also suffering the consequences. Global warming, natural calamities, floods, rains, storms are destroying human beings. Every year 13.7 million people are dying due to environmental degradation alone. It is true that people take from nature but what do they give in return? People have left no stone unturned to pollute the air, water, mountains and land, people’s responsibility is limited to their home, but they forget all precautions as soon as they leave home.

Even for people with small profits. Food is poisoned by adding pesticides and fertilizers. We take issue with our health every day but along with our health we should also be sensitive about the health of the environment. And there is no better day to implement it than today. Today is ‘World Environment Health Day’.

So first of all commit to improving your health as well as the health of the environment as it also has a negative impact on health. New diseases are a gift. So let’s go to Swami Ramdev and know the solution.


Increases immunity.

Treats anemia
Beneficial in digestion
Effective in skin allergies

Aloe vera

Effective in constipation.
Relieves hemoglobin deficiency.
Beneficial in diabetes
Moisturizes the skin


Treats asthma
Controls sugar.
Very effective in malaria.
Purifies the blood

Can uric acid be reduced by drinking Shikanji? Here’s what you need to know if you want to stop purine building up between bones.


Activates the mind.
Very effective in headache.
Useful in cough and cold.
Effective in indigestion.


Strengthens immunity
Strengthens bones
Effective in stress anxiety
Muscle strength increases.


Controls sugar.
Makes the heart healthy.
Controls BP.
Considered anti-carcinogenic.

the bell

It is a remedy for gas and constipation.
Controls cholesterol.
Prevents cancer.
Purifies the blood


Purifies the blood
Effective in diabetes.
Antibacterial and antiseptic

In these 4 diseases the cough is more in the morning, the problem starts to decrease with sunrise.


Controls BP.
Lowers cholesterol
Effective in stomach pain and swelling.
Heals wounds


Relieves depression
Effective in joint pain.
Increases immunity.

Ficus religiosa

Relieve breathing problems
Dental treatment
Beneficial for the skin
Effective in gas and constipation.

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