After Namibia and South Africa, now leopards can be imported from North Africa to India.

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New Delhi: India is considering importing more leopards from North Africa, concerned that some imported from Namibia and South Africa molt in summer to protect them from winter. Officials gave this information on Wednesday. According to officials, the biggest challenge in the first year of implementation of the cheetah resettlement project in India is that some cheetahs fear the heat of India and the cold of Africa during the monsoons. The skin is not affected. (June to September) to develop.

Even African experts did not expect this, said a senior forest officer. The high temperature and humid climate in India has exacerbated the growing skin problem of the leopards as it causes them to suffer from scabies which they have to rub their necks on the ground or to get rid of, the official said. They used to rub on tree trunks. . They said that this led to wounds on their skin and flies laid eggs in their wounds, which in turn infected them with bacteria and three leopards died. “Cheetahs living in northern and northeastern Africa in the Northern Hemisphere are likely to adapt better to Indian conditions,” said an official associated with the Cheetah Project, requesting anonymity. This is being considered but we have yet to assess the status of cheetahs in this part of Africa. We have to analyze their numbers, health status, reproductive cycle etc.

The official said several international experts, including the UK and the US, said they had brought cheetahs from North Africa to their country and recommended India to do the same. “The idea of ​​bringing cheetahs from North Africa is being discussed but the next batch of cheetahs will come from South Africa,” said SP Yadav, head of the cheetah project and additional director general (forests) in the environment ministry. There is a plan to bring in leopards that do not have thick fur, and this is due to infections caused by the fur in some of the leopards, which has led to the death of three of them. Cheetahs were historically found in North Africa, but their numbers are rapidly declining in the region, and in many North African countries, cheetahs are believed to be extinct or on the verge of extinction. (input language)

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