This disease is 7 times more dangerous than corona virus, 5 crore people may die…

People’s lives were slowly getting back on track after facing the corona virus epidemic when a news published on the front of the newspaper shocked everyone. This news was about illness. 5 crore people are expected to die due to this. Experts have compared it to the deadly Spanish flu of 1918-1920. This was not a common news but a fear that the whole world had faced 2-3 years ago. The news was that in the year 2020, just as Covid started as a cold and cough, it later turned into a pandemic. Now another epidemic is coming again. In such a situation, people will hardly have the courage to face another epidemic. 7 million people lost their lives in this epidemic. There are many countries including India where this disease still exists but every possible effort is being made to control it.

Dealing with a pandemic is a challenge in itself.

The World Health Organization has given it the name of Disease X. WHO medical experts have issued a warning about this epidemic, saying that if this disease occurs, there will be 20 times more deaths. Due to which about 5 crore people are expected to die. Dame Kate Bingham, head of Britain’s vaccine task force, said the epidemic could kill at least 50 million people. This in itself is alarming. We have to find a special solution to deal with this.

Scientists are gathering information about this disease.

This epidemic is so dangerous that if even a single virus is left on earth, it starts to multiply. This happens because these viruses mutate very quickly. He further states that in 1918-19 there was an epidemic called Spanish fever, also due to the virus present in it. And because of this, 5 crore people lost their lives all over the world. Scientists are gathering more information on how to control this epidemic.

Vaccine for disease X?

British scientists want to complete their preparations before the arrival of this disease X. Because of which he has started making vaccines. Apart from this, they are also studying 25 types of viruses. This includes viruses found in animals. which can also spread to humans. Because of climate change there are many viruses that spread from animals to humans.

What is mutation?

If you understand mutation in simple language, it is called change in genetic material in any organism. When a virus is transmitted from one to another, it makes millions of copies of itself. Each copy is different from the other. Due to which a new strain emerges after some time. That is why you have often seen that viruses are always changing their different forms.

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