“If there are cracks in the road, I will put the contractor in front of the bulldozer.”

Nitin Gadkari- India TV Hindi.

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Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today made a big statement in Vasham, Maharashtra. Visited for the inauguration program of National Highway-161 passing through Vasham district. Meanwhile, while addressing the program, Gadkari said that I have told the contractor that if there are cracks in the road or if the road is damaged, I will put you in front of the bulldozer. Notably, Gadkari is often in the news for his outspoken statements and now with this statement in Washim, the road minister has tried to send a strong message to the contractors.

Gadkari also sent a message to MLAs and MPs.

Here Nitin Gadkari said that I have never done anything wrong. So far I have given work worth Rs 50 lakh crore, but not a single contractor has come to my house to ask for work. Addressing the program, Nitin Gadkari also told the MLA and MP of Washim district that I work by putting pressure on the contractor. Just don’t bother the contractor. Meanwhile, he mentioned the elections and said that I will not put up hoardings in the elections and will not get ‘Indian foreigners’. About the road construction work, Gadkari said that I have to say clearly that I will neither eat nor let anyone eat.

Gadkari had warned earlier.
Let me tell you that earlier Nitin Gadkari had given similar warning to the contractors. Last month, Nitin Gadkari and Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis were present at a Bhoomi Poojan program in Nagpur. During this period, Gadkari took a strict class of leaders, officers and contractors. Gadkari had said that the leaders are only concerned about their son’s employment, half of the leaders are engaged in that. “Any contractor who does bad work should be blacklisted, strict action should be taken against whoever does bad work. Terminate the contractor because we didn’t do Lakshmi darshan, the contractor remembers,” he said. ?” Remember that if they do bad things, the bulldozer will run over them, so do good things.”

(Reporter- Imran Khan)

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