Two brothers die of drowning in Yamuna during Ganesh immersion, read here

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Ganesh Utsav is coming to an end across the country and idol immersion has begun. People are going to immerse their Bappa with great fanfare. However, there are also reports of people losing their lives due to slight carelessness during idol immersion. A similar case was witnessed in the capital Delhi, where two brothers lost their lives after drowning in the Yamuna during Ganesh immersion.

What’s the whole deal?

Actually people from Nithari region of UP went to Mayur Vihar in Delhi for the immersion of Ganesha idol. However, two brothers died by drowning in Yamuna during idol immersion here. According to the police, the two were taken by their families to the Child PGI Hospital in Sector 30, Noida. But he could not be saved. Apart from this, the condition of two others is critical.

What happened?

The police said that the people of Nithari village had gone to immerse the idol in Yamuna river. People started immersing the idols on the banks of the Yamuna, then all four went to the river to bathe and drowned. The family took the four out and admitted them to the hospital. However, 15-year-old Neeraj and 5-year-old Krishna died. At the same time, Sachin and Abhishek are being treated. According to the police, the bodies have been taken into custody and sent for post-mortem. (input language)

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