The dispute started with a motorcycle collision, now a riot-like situation in Jaipur, the government will give compensation

Jaipur murder after bike accident, Muslim youth dies fighting road rage, Rajasthan police take control - India TV Hindi

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The situation in Jaipur is alarming.

Jaipur Road Rage Killing: A man was killed in a fight that broke out after a motorcycle hit him in Rajasthan’s Jaipur. This fight was seen late at night in Subhash Chowk police station area. The people of Mehra Colony forbade the two motorcyclists from fighting, after which one of the motorcyclists left the place. But the second motorcyclist started a fight with the residents of Mehra Colony. 18-year-old Iqbal died in this incident. This matter has gained momentum now. Hundreds of people have come out on the streets of Ramganj against the killing of Iqbal and shops have been closed.

The situation in Jaipur is getting worse.

The situation is under control in Jaipur’s Subhash Chowk and Ramganj. Seeing the worsening situation, a large number of police force including STF has been deployed. Senior police officers including the police commissioner are also present on the spot. Seeing the worsening of the matter, DGP Omesh Mishra has given instructions for the immediate arrest of the criminals. Let us tell you that about a dozen suspects have been detained in this case. Also, to ensure that the situation does not go out of control, the administration is monitoring it through drones. DGP Omesh Mishra said in this regard that strict action will be taken against the people involved in this incident. He has also appealed to the people to maintain peace.

Announcement of assistance amount of Rs.50 lakhs

Let us tell you that the MLA of the area, Amin Kagazi, said that the accused will be arrested soon. In view of this incident, he has also met CM Ashok Gehlot. In this regard, the government has announced an amount of Rs 50 lakh for the victim’s family. Apart from this, contract and dairy booth jobs have also been announced. Let us tell you that the boys with whom Iqbal had a fight were residents of Mehra Colony. Meanwhile, a quarrel started between Iqbal and the boys of Mehra Colony, and the fight escalated into a fight. Meanwhile, Iqbal died.

Why did the conflict start?

Let me tell you that two motorcyclists collided late at night in Jaipur’s Mehra Colony. After that, an argument started between the two motorcyclists due to which the people of nearby Mehra Colony intervened. After this incident, one motorcyclist left the place, but the other motorcyclist collided with the boys of Mehra Colony. Soon after this incident some other boys came there after which a fight started. 18-year-old motorcycle rider Iqbal died in this incident. Since the incident, the situation has been tense in the area and a large number of police and STF have been deployed.

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