This way of smuggling drugs, learn how a group of smugglers from Canada operated.

International Drug Supply Gang Exposed - India TV Hindi

International drug supply ring exposed

Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Cell has been a big success. Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Cell has busted an international drug supply gang in India. The racket was being run from Canada. They used to order drugs at online parties through the dark web. Such drugs worth around Rs 50 lakh have been seized from Ahmedabad airport. Traffickers had a shocking method of transporting drugs.

A large quantity of books and toys were seized.

Using the dark web and social media, drugs were being supplied to the party in books and toys by an international Korean company from Canada and the US. The pages of the book were soaked in drugs. After the delivery of the book, the medicine was prepared by grinding the pages. The cyber unit and the customs department have seized a huge quantity of such books and toys. Drug dealers and buyers have also been traced.

International drug supply ring exposed

Image source: INDIATV

International drug supply ring exposed

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