Fuel sales: Diesel sales fall in September, petrol demand rises, LPG and ATF sales trend.

Petrol Diesel Sales: Petrol and diesel sales figures for September 2023 have been announced. Diesel sales of all three public sector petroleum companies fell in September, but petrol sales increased. This information is derived from primary data of public sector petroleum companies.

How were the diesel sales figures in September?

Diesel sales fell three percent in September due to weak demand in some parts of the country and slowdown in industrial activity. Sales of diesel, the country’s most widely used fuel, fell to 58.1 lakh tonnes in September from 59.9 lakh tonnes in the same period a year ago. Diesel demand fell by more than five percent in the first 15 days of September, while diesel demand increased in the next 15 days due to less rainfall. On a month-on-month basis, diesel sales were up 2.5 percent on a month-on-month basis. Diesel sales in August were 56.7 lakh tonnes.

Demand for oil in the country is likely to remain high.

Generally, diesel sales are lower during monsoons, as demand from the agricultural sector remains low due to rains. Diesel is used in the agricultural sector as a fuel for irrigation, harvesting and transportation. However, industry sources say that due to stable and healthy economic activity and improvement in air travel, the demand for oil in the country will remain high in the remaining months of the year.

Know the petrol sales figures.

According to the data, petrol sales in September increased by 5.4 percent to 2.8 million tonnes compared to the same period last year. Gasoline demand growth remained almost stable in August. On month-on-month basis, petrol demand has increased by 5.6% in September. Petrol consumption in September was 19.3% higher than the Covid-affected September 2021 and 30% higher than the pre-pandemic period of September 2019. Diesel consumption was 19 percent higher than September 2021 and 11.5 percent higher than September 2019.

Demand for ATF also increased.

Demand for aviation fuel ATF rose 7.5 percent to 5,96,500 tonnes in September amid a steady increase in passenger numbers at airports. It was 55.2 percent higher than in September 2021. While it was 3.55% less than pre-Covid i.e. September 2019. On a monthly basis, jet fuel demand remained stable in September. Aviation fuel demand in August 2023 was 5,99,100 tonnes.

How were the LPG sales figures?

Cooking gas (LPG) sales rose six percent year-on-year to 26.7 lakh tonnes in September. LPG consumption was 11.4% higher than September 2021 and 23.3% higher than the pre-Covid period i.e. September 2019. On a month-on-month basis, LPG demand increased by 7.3%. Demand for LPG in August was 24.9 lakh tonnes.

Diesel consumption rose by 6.7 percent and 9.3 percent in April and May, respectively, as demand from the agricultural sector was good. In addition, the use of air conditioners in vehicles increased due to summer.

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