Petrol and diesel prices reduced, crude oil prices increased, including Prayagraj, Varanasi and Gorakhpur.

Petrol Diesel Rates: New prices of petrol and diesel have been updated for all states and cities of the country. Oil companies have released new fuel prices at 6 am. Petrol and diesel prices are stable in many cities including New Delhi, while fuel prices have changed in other cities.

On the other hand, business continues with the rise in crude oil prices in the international market. In the global market, WTI crude oil is trading at $91.05 per barrel, up 0.29%. In the commodity market, the price of Brent crude oil increased by 0.15% to 92.23 dollars per barrel.

Petrol and diesel prices in four major cities

  • Petrol Rs 96.72, Diesel Rs 89.62 per liter in New Delhi
  • In Mumbai, petrol Rs 106.31, diesel Rs 94.27 per litre
  • In Kolkata, petrol Rs 106.03, diesel Rs 92.76 per litre
  • Petrol Rs 102.74, diesel Rs 94.33 per liter in Chennai

Petrol and diesel prices change in which cities?

In Noida and Greater Noida, petrol price has increased by 17 paise to Rs 96.76 per liter and diesel price has increased by 17 paise to Rs 89.93 per litre. In Varanasi, petrol has decreased by 51 paise to Rs 97.05 per liter and diesel by 49 paise to Rs 90.24 per litre. In Prayagraj, petrol is selling at Rs 96.66 per liter after a decrease of 79 paise and diesel is selling at Rs 89.86 per liter after a decrease of 77 paise.

In Gorakhpur, petrol price has come down by 20 paise to Rs 96.87 and diesel price to Rs 90.04 per litre. In Rajasthan’s Ajmer, petrol is being sold at Rs 108.37 after an increase of 30 paise and diesel is being sold at Rs 93.62 per liter after an increase of 27 paise. In Patna, petrol has increased by 30 paise to Rs 107.54 and diesel by 28 paise to Rs 94.32 per litre.

Check your city’s fuel rate like this.

HPCL Users HPPRICE <डीलर कोड> You can send a message to 9222201122. Indian Oil Customer RSP<डीलर कोड> You can know the new fuel price in your city by texting 9224992249.

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