TTP terrorists became ‘Bhsmasur’ for Pakistan, killing 123 security personnel in one month

TTP Terrorists Become 'Bhismasur' For Pakistan - India TV Hindi

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TTP terrorist became ‘Bhsmasur’ for Pakistan.

Pakistan News: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, created by Pakistan, is now proving to be a ‘Bhsmasur’ for itself. The TTP has claimed that it has carried out a total of 106 attacks on Pakistani security forces and soldiers in the month of last September. During this period, 123 security personnel have been killed in these attacks. 169 security personnel have been injured in these attacks.

Most of the attacks were carried out in this province.

According to figures released by the TTP, it carried out most of its attacks during this period in Bannu province. While there were 24 attacks in Peshawar, two attacks in South Punjab Province, 11 attacks in Malakand Province etc. According to the TTP, 185 personnel from the army, 43 from the counter-terrorism department of the police, 18 from the intelligence agency and 46 from other security agencies were claimed injured or killed during this period.

The terrorist organization claims that it carried out the highest number of sniper attacks in the month of September, which was 20. Meanwhile, he also destroyed 13 military vehicles including 11 spy cameras of Pakistani security forces. The terrorist organization also claims that during this period it looted many deadly weapons from several security personnel, including rocket launchers, Kalashnikov-like rifles, ammunition and gunpowder. According to figures released by the TTP, it is carrying out more than three attacks on Pakistani military and security forces every day, killing more than four people.

24 TTP terrorists killed: Pak security forces

On the other hand, according to the data released by the Pakistan Security Forces for the month of September, a total of 24 terrorists were killed in the entire month. Most of these terrorists were killed in Bannu district. Their number was 6. After which the number of those who died in Khyber area increased to five. Pakistan Army also claims that during this time it recovered 34 rifles and 18 pistols along with 9 RPGs etc. from the terrorists.

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