After Bihar, now caste census echoes in UP, demand of these parties

Demand for caste wise survey in UP.- India TV Hindi.

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Demand for caste-wise survey in UP.

The political atmosphere in Bihar is heated after the release of caste census data. Various opposition parties, including the Congress, are trying to corner the central government in this matter. Now the demand for caste census is echoing in Bihar’s neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh as well. Apart from the SP, BSP and Congress, allies of the ruling NDA alliance at the Center are also demanding a caste census.

Mayawati’s statement came

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has also raised the demand for a caste census in UP. He said that the release of caste census data by the Bihar government is in the news and there is a deep debate on it. Some parties are certainly uncomfortable with this, but for the BSP, this is the first step in a long struggle for the constitutional rights of the OBCs. Mayawati said that the BSP is happy that the politics of the country is taking a new turn in favor of the neglected Bahujan community. This is because the SC/ST reservation has become inactive and ineffective and the caste and communal parties which are bitterly opposed to the OBCs and Mandals are beginning to worry about their future. Mayawati said that while the UP government should now improve its intentions and policies according to public sentiments and public expectations, it should immediately start a caste census/survey, but the right solution will only come when the central government Census will be conducted. Will notify them at national level.

Akhilesh also gave a statement.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has also supported the caste census. He said that the BJP government should leave politics and conduct a caste-wise census across the country. Akhilesh said that those who really want to give rights should conduct a caste census. He wrote on the social media platform that this increases their unity and they unite to overcome obstacles in their way.

NDA’s ally Apna Dil is also in the field.

BJP ally Apna Dal (Soni Lal) president and Union Minister Anupriya Patel has also said that caste census is the need of the hour. He said that my party is always in favor of caste census. Also Congress’s Rahul Gandhi has supported caste census. He has talked about giving rights to people according to their population.

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