Does drinking tea really make you sleepless at night? What logic do health experts give?

There are many people who are not satisfied without drinking 5-6 cups of tea throughout the day. Offer him tea anytime he doesn’t refuse. But do you know that drinking tea and coffee late at night harms the body in many ways. Many people resort to tea and coffee to wake up at night but this has a bad effect on your health.

Drinking caffeine at night causes these damages to the body.

People resort to tea and coffee to stay awake late at night. But drinking too much can lead to sleep disturbances. As you know, stress can cause related problems like dark circles under the eyes and anxiety.

Drinking too much can cause heartburn and heartburn.

Drinking too much tea can cause heartburn. The acid in the intestines starts to spread. Which can cause heartburn. So drink less tea.

Panic of the mind

Drinking too much tea causes too much nervousness. Many people drink tea with milk. Due to which the amount of tannin in the body increases. Tea contains caffeine which harms the body.

Harmful to intestines

Drinking too much tea is very damaging to the intestines. This can lead to digestive problems. Drinking tea is often associated with intestinal upset.

Acidity problem

If you like to drink tea on an empty stomach, you may face problems with acidity and heartburn.

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