Wanted suspect of wildlife trafficking gang arrested in Lakhimpur Kheri

In a joint operation by the Special Task Force (STF) of the Uttar Pradesh Police and the Forest Department, a wanted suspect of a wildlife trafficking gang was arrested.

This information was given in a statement issued by the police headquarters on Monday. According to a statement released on Monday, a joint operation by the STF and the Forest Department has succeeded in arresting Anil Kumar, the ringleader of the wildlife trafficking gang.

The statement said that for the past few days, members of the gangs active around Lakhimpur have been killing tigers from the protected wildlife sanctuaries and smuggling their skins, bones, nails etc. Information has been received. Kheri and Peli were staying.

Earlier on Saturday, two smugglers of the gang were arrested in a yellow alert and Anil managed to escape. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Divisional Forest Officer Naveen Khandelwal told reporters on Sunday that accused Akshay and Ramchandra have been arrested, while one accused, Anil Kumar, has managed to escape and the search is on.

The officer said that based on the information, STF Lucknow Sub-Inspector Tej Bahadur Singh along with his team Robin Singh, Regional Forest Officer Mala and WCCB team reached the place mentioned by the informer and arrested the accused. took

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