What is sleep paralysis and what are its symptoms?

What is sleep paralysis: Many people start having some strange and scary experiences while sleeping in the dark of night. It seems like someone is staring at them, there are voices or someone is in their room. All of these are actually a type of hallucination ie delusional experiences. During sleep paralysis, many people have strange experiences called hallucinations. These experiences are actually imaginary and not real. In these experiences, people feel as if they have seen a ghost, a demon, or a dead relative. Some people feel that their own appearance is standing in front of them. Let’s know about this disease‚Ķ

Know what sleep paralysis is.
When we sleep, we have two stages of sleep. The first stage is when we dream. This is called REM sleep. During this time our brain sends some signals to our body due to which our body cannot move. This is done so that we do not move our hands and feet in dreams. The second stage is deep sleep. It is called non-REM sleep. Now in sleep paralysis, our mind remains awake but our body remains asleep. That is, the mind is awake but the body is still sleeping. In such a condition, the muscles of the body cannot relax completely and the person starts to feel fear. He begins to believe that there are ghosts around him. But it is a kind of disease.

Why does sleep paralysis occur?
Doctors believe that the main cause of sleep paralysis is not getting enough sleep. Irregular sleep and wake times, stress or sleeping incorrectly can also cause this problem. Doctors say that first of all, the patient should be told that it is not a serious disease. The patient should be reassured that there is no danger. In some cases, meditation and tranquilizers are prescribed. The most important thing is to tell the patient not to take stress before going to bed.

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