The dream of a house started getting expensive, the prices of cement started increasing, it increased so much in 3 months.

There is bad news for those who are planning to build their own home. After a few months of relief, cement prices have started rising again. During the September quarter, cement prices saw a significant increase. Due to which the cost of building a house is constantly increasing. This upward trend is expected to continue in the coming days.

So much progress was made in just one month.

According to an analysis by brokerage firm Jefferies India Pvt Ltd, average cement prices rose by 4 percent in September compared to a month earlier, i.e. August. If we talk about the entire quarter, the cement price in the September quarter was 0.5 percent to 1 percent higher than the average price of the previous quarter i.e. April-June 2023.

That’s why companies have increased prices.

Analysts at Jefferies India believe that the increase in cement prices is mainly due to the increase in cement prices in eastern India. Instead of bearing the burden of rising costs, cement companies are passing on their share to consumers. The cost of energy has increased the costs of cement companies. The retail prices of cement are being increased to mitigate its impact.

Highest price increase in East India

According to Jefferies India, the largest increase in cement prices has been in eastern India. Cement prices, which were prevailing at the end of August, fell to Rs 50-55 per bag at the end of September. While in other parts of the country, the price of cement has increased relatively less. In other segments, the price per sack has increased by Rs 20 during this period, analysts said.

For these reasons, the increase will continue.

Let us tell you that till a few months ago, the price of cement fell drastically. The price is still low for the long term. Cement became quite cheap in the month of July. However, the bullish trend has returned since the last two months. The bullish trend is expected to continue in the coming months. The demand scenario in the sector remains strong due to the emphasis on government spending ahead of elections next year. Currently there is no possibility of cost reduction.

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