A man was riding a bicycle with a refrigerator on his head, people asked how this could be?

Man riding a bicycle with a fridge on his head - India TV Hindi

Image source: Instagram
The man with the refrigerator on his head rode the bicycle.

Social media is a deep sea of ​​entertainment, where all kinds of content can be found very easily. Sometimes you come across some videos that make you laugh. So there are some videos on social media that surprise everyone. Recently, a similar video was seen on social media, which made everyone think, how can this happen? In the viral video, a man is seen riding a bicycle while holding a refrigerator on his head.

A bicycle rider with a refrigerator on his head

Cycling is easy enough. Everyone learns to ride a bicycle as a child and gradually masters it. But have you ever cycled with a fridge on your head? We assume it will not be driven. But these days a video of a person is going viral on social media. In the viral video, you can see the man holding a refrigerator on his head and riding a bicycle while balancing on it. After watching this video, everyone is wondering how this can happen.

What did people say?

The viral video was shared by @barstoolsports on social media platform Instagram. The caption with the video reads that this is the strongest neck in the world. This video has been posted on September 3 and till the time of writing this video has received more than 246 thousand likes. Many people have commented after watching this video of this person. One person said – It’s not possible, there is an amendment. So another person said – leave the fridge, I can’t even balance my stove.

Watch this viral video

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