Rich people beat up car driver for overtaking in Lucknow, police register case.

Two students of Lucknow College misbehaved with the police, beating up another car rider for overtaking.

Image source: India TV
Those who misbehaved with the police were arrested.

A video of rich people misbehaving with the police in Lucknow’s Hazratganj is going viral. This video of the posh area is fast becoming viral on social media. In a viral video, some rich people beat up guys in the first car for overtaking. After that, when the police reached there after seeing the dispute, the rich people also misbehave with the police. The police have arrested the two boys seen in the viral video and have also seized their car.

Drama of the rich in Lucknow

Lucknow DCP Central Aparna Rajat Kaushik said that the young man in the victim’s car was on his way to the medical college to show his father late on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, he suddenly braked at the Hazratganj intersection. Meanwhile, he collided with a car coming from behind. After which two youths in the back car got down from the car and started beating the youths sitting in the front car. Two police officers of Hazratganj police station reached the spot after seeing the commotion. Meanwhile, the two youths also started misbehaving with the police. His video is fast becoming viral on social media.

Video of misbehavior with police viral

After the video went viral, the police took action and detained the two youths and also seized their car. According to Lucknow Police, as soon as the video went viral, the victim was interviewed. However, he refused to take any legal action or file a complaint. However, action has been taken against misbehaving with the police and disturbing the peace by arresting youths fighting on the street. According to the police, the two rioters were studying for the graduation of a young man who had gone out for a late-night outing. The police have caught the accused boys and seized their car.

Lucknow Police

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